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The Mirabello Architecture studio is composed by architects Claudio Pozza and Gian Luigi Lenti.

Claudio Pozza has designed and built villas and office buildings, design objects and tourist complexes, wellness and shopping centers, establishing a more intimate and profound relationship with the places where he worked, in accordance with the Genius Loci and the specific needs of users.

The experience of Gian Luigi Lenti instead ranges from urban planning and renovation, restoration of historical monuments to the industrial design of furniture, accessories and arts. His works are based on the belief that every element – if the furniture inside a private home or residence in itself within the urban landscape – enough to form a whole and is therefore deserving of equal emphasis with regard drawing. He founded Mirabello Architecture in 1969 and worked with the Italian

Ministry of Education (MURST), and the National Research Council (CNR) on several studies about the urban habitat and has acted as a technical consultant to the Italian municipalities.

The results of the Mirabello Architecture studio projects were made in various parts of Italy, Liechtenstein, in Cyprus, in the Crimea, in Switzerland, and in the Russian Federation.