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tavolino fioriera 2

Tavolino Rotundatis

art. 00000009
Design by Maurizio Frezza


The product in this photo is just an example and can be customized in both size and finishing.

The features of this product in the picture are:

L. 90 – P. 90 – H. 35

RAL 7037 matt

ral 7037

Stainless steel


Lux Dianae loves manage “customized product”, and satisfy the most demanding customer finding always the best solution. Size, shape and different finishing can be requested by the customer on the basis of a specific request.

The will and experience to create always something unique, leads Lux Dianae to seek the elegance of a personalized style, using the broadest range of materials so as to satisfy every preference. The attention to the detail makes the custom furniture made by Lux Dianae unique pieces.

Timing of production, assembly and packaging: about 60/90 days.