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Through contract projects, Lux Dianae extends its operating range to small and large turnkey projects dedicated to all types of customers, consolidating thirty years’ experience gained in projects in eminent and international locations.

Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States represent the areas where quality and taste of Lux Dianae entered in collaboration with high-profile designers, ensuring possibilities for customizing and managing the entire process through integrated services that include logistics solutions and after sales service.

Private residences, public buildings, hotels, offices, become the staging for environments that combine high design, innovative materials and attention to detail to prestige of the location. A repertory of solutions dedicated to taylor made, which stimulates the creation of unitary concept with a strong personal identity, that always speaks an international language.

Lux Dianae is ready to put in place a range of proposals which can address to any context and resolve it with both standard and custom furnishings.

Quality is the key concept that combines Lux Dianae products, a vocation that finds more and more confirmations and appreciation in the world of contract projects.

The services listed below can be requested separately


A team of architects and interior designers develop optimal offers to meet the needs of every type of customer. Initially we proceed to defining the space with 2D techniques, from pencil sketches to CAD drawing.

Inneneinrichtung - Interior design


If requested by the customer or by the complexity of the project, we realize 3D drawings and render with the most popular softwares. We produce presentations able to make the customer image his designed and customized space.

Creative Design Innovation Inspire Concept


We are looking for the most suitable solutions for our customer making a thorough selection of any brands that could be integrated into the final project. Our team is used to different kinds of projects, from private customers to hotel or offices contract furniture of big companies.

interior design planning marina and sea concept


Thanks to our carpentry and through the help of experienced technical staff we are able to produce “tailored” finishes for the end customer.

hands measuring wall with tape measure, closeup


In every place where Lux Dianae is present, we can offer our detection measures support of the ended shipyard through our specialized technical staff.

Scrivania d'ufficio con elaborati di progetto


The Italian technical office draws on CAD all the designs of the customized furniture, with all construction details defined by the customer. These designs will be subsequently transmitted to the production.

shipping - loading of a truck in a warehouse by forklift


To better satisfy our customers, our logistics department manages in the best way possible products groupage, ensuring fast and secure communications shifts.

busy harbour with full loads of containers in the port


If requested by the customer, we take care of the products during shipment to the final destination, developing the practices of shipping and customs clearance that every country requires.


Frustrated man reading instruction and putting together self assembly furniture. DIY, new home and moving concept


Italian qualified staff works together with the technical department to ensure installation of the furnishings in a workmanlike manner. We take care of every little detail, from design to the product installation.